Saturday, February 15, 2014

A new chapter in my life.

Last night as I was casually trying to catch up on my email, I was scrolling through 500+ emails I hadn't had a chance to read during the week.  While I was trying to sort through which ones were notifications and emails that required my immediate attention, the word congratulations caught my eye.  As I was scrolling on my iPad, I began to frantically try and find that one word, that one word I've been hoping to see since my application was submitted to UofC.  And then I found it; my pulse quickened and I couldn't speak as tears welled up in my eyes.  I was thrilled that I got to share this incredible moment--good or bad with my family.   The smiles on my daughters' faces grew as my husband read that I have been accepted into the University of  Calgary's faculty of Education Ed.D. program.

Here I go again and I applied knowing that 50% of doctorate candidates never finish, but I'm lucky as I have 2 teenagers to remind me why I need to finish and not quit what I start.  I'm also lucky that my husband is committed to see me through this journey and my family is thrilled and full of encouragement too.

I have so much to do to prepare for this summer but I think first I will let this sink in and enjoy the moment.

Go Dinos!

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