Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Diving into the Water

April 2013

This is it, my very first blog and it is bit like the first time you dive off of the diving board.  It seems like a fun idea, you climb the ladder, you get to the edge of the board and look down.  A sense of panic comes over you questioning whether or not it really is a good idea, but you decide it's worth a shot.  The question is whether or not you'll enjoy the experience and find the water warm.  To be honest, it was not my idea, but one that I had repeatedly heard from some fellow educators who had attended either  a workshop or talk that I have given.   They told me that they would like to hear any new ideas or approaches in education that I discover.  It's funny to hear that someone wants to read my thoughts about education, but as more people asked me I decided that knowledge is meant to be shared--much like sharing a pencil in class.  

I hope that if you have come across this blog that you find something interesting and worth sharing.  I'm hoping that it may start or continue the dialogue.  Educators, administrators, parents needs to work together for the betterment of education and students.  

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