Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watching Eyes Open

It's not very often that I can surprise  teenagers with technology, but I did today. 

While teaching an audio lesson, I polled the class to see how many of the students had actually heard a vinyl record. Although each year I have less students who have actually listen to a record, I was shocked to discover that most of the students had not heard one before—it was less than 5% of the class. I’m glad that I looked up as I dropped the needle down. The look for shock and surprise quickly grew across their faces. It sounded like music but it was different—it was warmer. I surprised the tech savvy generation with some “old school” technology. Some of the students have started to borrow their parents records and are bringing them in to be played. It's amazing watching old technology becoming new again.  

it has also led to some spontaneous teaching moments while students play their records.  As students have brought popular old songs in, it has fostered some interesting discussions comparing MP3 sound quality with that of vinyl.  That has then led to even more comparisons of other technologies.  Some of the best lessons have been born out of others and this lesson has fostered students connecting ideas and knowledge.

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